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Find Out If Your House Is A Health Risk?

Uncategorized Jan 23, 2020

Trend detection and identification has important ramifications in public health. With regard to water damage and mould, often the occupants own version of events and 'lived experience' inside the home is lost in the quicksand of data from spore traps, tape lifts, moisture levels and ERMI readings.

We ALL want to know if there is an underlying trend based on the observation of random variables over time? BUT, what are those random variables?

This Livestream focuses on this problem by exploring 2 different self-reporting questionnaires. Interesting questions about the ability for surveys to capture trend direction and discover persistent or anti-persistent (unstable) conditions warranting further fine-grained assessments and inspections are detailed.

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1. Mould Risk Assessment:
2. Housing Mould Hazard:




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