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How to validate cleaning using your phone for a COVID safe workplace

Uncategorized May 20, 2020

Turn your phone into a UV torch

Let me show you how you can quickly and inexpensively turn your mobile phone into as device that can 'see' in ultraviolet.  Being able to see in UV is useful if you want to double  check that your cleaners have done a good job.  Did you know that you can use a fluorescent highlighter to mark high touch items and then check with UV to see that it's been cleaned. 

This is very useful and important especially as economies around the world tentatively re-open.  Effective disinfectant cleaning must begin with care and attention to areas or items in the built environment that have a high probability of having shed coronavirus on them.  All you need is some sticky tape, a blue and a purple Sharpie and a fluorescent marker. 

Once you've made your 'UV lens' for the flash on your phone, go around your workplace and mark out some items you want to validate that your cleaners have cleaned.  Under UV light, these will fluoresce, but if cleaning has been successful, then the dye in the highlighter will have been removed and you can have greater confidence in the knowledge that the cleaners have done their job as expected.  Of course, if the items or areas fluoresce, then you can make some adjustments to your cleaning requirements and monitor further.  

Using just some sticky tape and the blue and purple Sharpe, I can make an ultraviolet (UV) torch.  You can use this to take still images to validate cleaning.  Just make some marks and see if the cleaners remove them? What will your workplace reveal?

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Watch the Livestream on how easy it is to turn your mobile phone into a UV light so you can check up on your cleaners and make sure they're doing a good job.


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